Tuesday, 11 November 2014

3 full-body moves to do on a whole body vibration machine

A whole body vibration machine allows you to target specific groups of muscles or to perform full-body workouts with minimum time investment, this form of workout being excellent for people with limited physical function, as well as for those who prefer low-impact exercises. Whether you choose to focus more on the upper body or the legs and glutes, the body vibration machine sends vibration waves throughout the entire body, so it stimulates all major muscles for faster results.

Whole body vibration training can be used for both isolation and compound exercises, and can be successfully incorporated into a mixed cardio/strength routine, or can be turned into an intense HIIT session, depending on the frequency and training intensity used, and on the exercise sequence performed.

Yet, if you want to get the most of your workout time, I’d recommend sticking with full-body moves, as when you add a body vibration machine to an already challenging workout, results become visible in a shorter time.

Full-body whole body vibration exercises

1. Planks and side planks

One of the most effective whole body vibration exercises http://www.hypervibe.com/au/for the entire body is the often overlooked plank, which works not only the shoulders, upper back and abdominal muscles, but also the glutes, quads and arms. It’s excellent for improving balance and posture, and for strengthening the muscles. Plus, it burns a lot of calories, so it’s good for supporting the fat loss process.

You can do this exercise by placing your hands on the platform, or by switching to one side and supporting your body on the elbow. This way you’ll target the obliques in a more thorough manner. As you get stronger, you can perform the plank by placing the hands on the floor and the feet on the moving WBV plate.

2.Squats with resistance bands

Another excellent full-body exercise you can perform on a body vibration machine is the squat, with either dumbbells or resistance bands for working the upper body in a more significant manner. When you stand on the machine, the lower body is stimulated more than the upper body, but if you add weights or if you use the elastic bands that are often delivered with various WBV machines, you can also target the shoulders, biceps or triceps.

Plus, your core gets a good workout as well, and your back muscles are also engaged, as your entire trunk has to work hard to maintain the posture and balance while the WBV platform moves up and down or tilts in a pivotal movement.

3. Bent over rows

To do this exercise on a whole body vibration machine you need to have a good fitness level, as well as a strong core and good balance. But it’s a great workout for the upper and lower body, and really works the abdominal and back muscles. Grab a set of dumbbells or a barbell and stand on the vibrating plate with your feet together, knees slightly bent.

Lower the body, pushing the butt back and leaning forward from the hips. Your upper body should be almost parallel to the floor, but back should be perfectly neutral, to avoid injuries. Keep the core engaged and bend the arms, bringing the weights toward the chin. Hold for 30-60 seconds, then repeat 9 more times.

Alternate these body vibration machine exercises with sprinting in place, and with stretching movements, and you can work your entire body in less than 10 minutes a day, in the comfort of your own home.